Whether it is for a crib, toddler’s bed or their first real big bed, a child’s bed is a place where one hopes they spend a lot of time, sleeping sweet and soundly, while traveling through wonderful worlds and adventures.  Choosing the perfect bedding set for your child is an opportunity to make them feel comfortable and to add some color and fun to their room. It is easy to get frustrated while searching through local malls or retail stores and not finding the right kids bedding sets or accessories to compliment and highlight your child’s unique personality. Here we have compiled a list of tips and items to help you select that perfect match.

  1. Choose light and soft fabrics

Babies and Children have particularly sensitive skin. Choosing an adequate fabric is hence of great importance for their comfort. Checking the label for potential allergens is always a good idea, as many children react to wool or synthetic fibers.

  1. Choose the right size and fit

Save yourself the hassle of continuously having to fix the sheets, by buying a bedding set that is the right size. This way it will not slip off the corners or bunch up uncomfortably. This is particularly important for infant safety. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or shortCPSC, a crib is safe whenis clear of fuddle. That means no pillows, no blankets, no quilts, no recliners, no toysand no sleep positioners. With larger children, a fitted bed sheet makes it easier when the time comes for them to make their own beds.

  1. Choose a kid’s bedding set that is easy to clean

Let’s be honest, children are messy, and a bed can get dirty quicker than you can blink. Stay away from those indisputably beautiful, dry-clean-only sheets. They will drive you insane and it is just not necessary.

Instead consider buying a fitted plastic mattress cover, particularly for smaller children. There are sold everywhere and can go as low as $5 in Walmart. Most readily available sheets are washing-machine proof.

  1. Take risks with colors and patterns

Your child’s bedding sets are the perfect opportunity to go wild and crazy. It is the place to add color, patterns, and fun to the room. Make it as exciting as possible, bring in some dinosaur prints, princess sheets or characters from their favorite Disney movie.

  1. Let the child weigh in

This is the perfect area for your child to feel empowered and make their own decisions. Narrow it down to a few options that you feel comfortable with and that are within your price range, then let them weigh in. Nothing will make them feel more comfortable or excited about a new bed, like having picked it themselves.

  1. Themed

A kid’s bedding set is the perfect opportunity to fill a big part of their room with a theme they love. Without going into stereotypes, there are fantastic bed sets available that continue their evening, with the passions that filled their day.

Kids bedding sets for boys

Typical Motives

Dinosaurs, T-Rexes, and gigantic green lizards; most boys at one point or another are fascinated by them. Use this as a decorative inspiration and consider a bedding set that reflects their interest. There are many options out there from green and bold, to more minimalist and potentially aesthetically pleasing.


A wonderful and bordering on educational dinosaur blanket is offered on etsy. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from red to yellow and is of great quality woven wool. What makes it so special, is its glow in the dark labeled dinosaur skeleton pattern.

Other typical motives of kids bedding sets for boys, of course, include pirates, cars, Disney characters and the like. Some wonderful and adventures bedding sets are offered by Land of Nod which includes a Treasure Chest and Pirate Hat throw pillow.


Interactive kids bedding sets

In an ideal world, your child enjoys going to bed and being in bed. Part of what would foster this all-around beneficial relationship is making the bedroom and particularly the bed more interesting. A young child sees adventure around every corner, and the wide variety in today’s bed sets reflects this. Consider going for an interactive set that allows for playfulness and imagination.

How about sleeping between the jaws of a Dinosaur Rex with this cool duvet cover from SNURK! The white cover features a beautiful green photo print of a dinosaur.

There are stunning and elaborate beds out there in all shapes and sizes, from beds that resemble cars to pirate ships or rockets. These, however, are not only expensive but have a limited life expectancy, as children grow up and interests change. An interactive bedding set can cost you anywhere from $25 to $120, are cheaper, easier to exchange and frequently just as effective.





Beds that sport their sport

Most boys love sports. Whether it is baseball, football, soccer or any other sport, the love and passion run deep. Especially when a bit older, their world can revolve around their idol and which little boy doesn’t dream about becoming a famous athlete at one point or another. Every sport has their representation in beautiful kids bedding sets that are available both online and at a variety of different local or international retail stores. Some inspiration can be found on beddengoed.com orWalmart.

Kids bedding sets for girls

Pretty Princess Pink

Although not applicable to every little girl, many of them dream of being a princess. Whether it is due to the movies that they watch, the stories that we read them or because at the end of the day, they are our little princesses, girls love them.

They’llfeel really happy after seeing this princess dress duvet, that is available for just 10 pounds. Its design will make your child look like they’re wearing the dress of a princess! The pillowcase has atiara print and the duvet features the picture of a lovely-designed dress, both of them made of a materialthat offers softness enough and easiness for the washing process.






Horses and Horse-back riding

While a frequent obsession of boys is balls of any shape, color, and size, girls tend to feel the same for horses. They have posters on their walls, draw thousands of pictures, role play, anddream of having their own four-legged giant. Whether in the form of a printed photograph, or a more interactive bedding set,there are plenty of options available.

This Amazone duvet cover from SNURK bedding, for example, is for real horse lovers, while the Cowgirl Bedding Ponies is but one design offered by Canadianloghomes.com


Bedding Sets that Engage

Creating a wonderful bedroom design of your child’s favorite theme to enjoy during the day, and transform the bed set into a glowing bedroom that lights up at bedtime are made easy with these covers. Like theseRockets, spaceships and space emblems will transform your child’s bedroom into outer space with the Space Cadets bedding set. The Rockets stand out brilliantly in colors of red, blue, and green on a black background with white stars. The fun glow in the dark design is activated by turning on the lights at least 15 minutes and then turning them off. The starts will glow in the dark, which is a great way to encourage lights out at bedtime, but don’t worry it’s not bright enough to keep them awake.


Many alternatives to the Rocket motive are available. Examples include the Happy Puppy Quilt Cover Set. It features a variety of dogs surrounded by stars, paw prints, dog bowls, and bones. For the horse lovers, there is a glow in the dark circus design that features a beautiful circus girl’s performance on horseback, with unicycles, seals balancing balls and dogs. Many other wonderful duvet cover sets are available on kidsbeddingdreams.com.


A completely different way to entertain and engage your child is the World Map Duvet Colour and Learn by Eatsleepdoodle. This brand designs a variety of products, from backpacks to tablecloths, which you can doodle on and then wash off again. They are associated with a pack of 10 double-ended wash-out fabric pens so your kids can color in without creating a real and permanent problem. Little ones will love getting creative before bed with this around-the-world themed duvet cover.

Bedding sets with Curtains or Canopies

Independent of your child’s interests, every little girl loves the beds seen in movies that have a flowing canopy that closes like a lit-up curtain. Pinterest is overflowing with picture perfect inspirational ideas that motivate. There are many commercially available options offered by for example Amazon, Walmart or specialized businesses.

None-the-less making a canopy curtain is not difficult and could be a fantastic Do-It-Yourself experience with your child. Why don’t you make the bedroom look like a fairytale with sparkly string lights? There are many video-tutorials to be found on platforms such as Youtube explaining different methods of making your own canopy with lights that make any girl feel like a real princess. Some fantastic designs are listed by Buzzfeed.

Accessorize and match decorations

Creating a children’s bedroom filled with toys, books, legos, pencils and overflowing with colors is no doubt a beautiful thing, but can be aesthetically exhausting. Using the bedding set can be an easy way to balance out the overall decor of the room. Take our previous example of dinosaurs. If the child’s passion is represented in the general scheme of the room, it may not be necessary to continue the pattern in the design of the sheets. Choosing a more tranquil and uniform color palate provides balance and equilibrium to an otherwise overloaded room.

An alternative, however, is to go all-in. Choose a topic and decorate the room top-to-bottom, wallpaper to the bedding set in the same general theme. A wonderful example would be the “On the Move” series by Next. It includes a transportation inspired 2 pack of cars and stripes fitted sheets, a 2 pack of on the move bedding set, with matching curtains and a matching rug.



Textile Allergies, Symptoms and Anti-Allergen Bedding

If your child continuously has a cold, a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezes or has skin rashes, that cold may be a fabric allergy. Its symptoms are similar and the prevalence of those affected is ever rising.

There are different types of textile fabrics, all of which can be used for kids bedding sets. Some of the most common fabrics include cotton, lycra, wool, silk or corduroy. Different people have different reactions to these materials and if your child is allergic to one, it does not mean that they will react the same way to another material.

No need to panic, in many cases the reaction is not to the fabric itself, but to the chemicals that are on it. Many fabrics, frequently including drapes, bed sheets and curtains, are treated with formaldehyde resins. These resins are what many people, particularly children, are sensitive to.

There are two varieties of fabric allergies with very different time frames. While one kind causes an almost immediate contact dermatitis rashafter touching the skin, the second type has a delayed reaction and may require hours or a day before becoming apparent.

For a definite diagnosis, a physical exam done by a medical health professional is necessary. Should the offending allergen be the chemical resins, thoroughly washing new clothes and bedding sets may be sufficient to prevent a reaction?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, one of the other leading causes of allergic reactions to bed sheets are dust mites. Bedding sets are among the most common places for dust mites to be found. These microscopic creatures thrive in warm, humid fabric environments, which is why regularly changing and washing at or above approximately 55 degrees Celsius or 130 degrees Fahrenheit is vital.